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My answers:

City or nature? Uhh…a city within nature? I’m pretty fine with either.

What your favorite thing to cook? My mini-donuts that aren’t really donuts but donut shaped chocolate chip pancakes.

Do you have any clothing that makes you feel fantastic? What is it? Huh…well, I don’t wear anything that doesn’t make me feel awesome. But if I was picking favourites, I guess  the butterfly dress I got in Montreal that I never get to wear. :P

Last book you finished? What did you think? Does this include re-reads? If so, it’d be The Capture (the first book in GoG)…so of course I loved it. Uh…out of non-re-reads…the Ghost story book from Yellowstone, I think. It was interesting and a few connections I made between the stories and the actual places was…a bit creepy to be honest.

Favorite TV show? Supernatural, hands down. That show has given me a mountain of feels no other show has. I love all the characters, I feel the way the episodes are laid out is more effective, and just…fuck, everything. I love it. Even the shit ass plot villains of Season 7 have not squashed my feels for this show. In fact…I’m sort of liking Season 7 a lot, minus the lack of Cas.

Are you happy with the time era you were born in? Would you be better suited to another? I’m quite happy with the time I’m in right now.

And for giggles, gif/picture that accurately describes your relationship with me?


(That was an arrow)

Us. At three in the morning. On youtube. Watching the Sound of Drums dance on loop.

Need I say more?

My questions!

What’s your favourite movie adaptation of a book you liked? The worst?

What’s your favourite TV show and why?

What is your guilty pleasure music?

What is your absolute least favourite food?

Your biggest pet peeve?

What was the last word/phrase that you had to look up on the internet?

And most importantly…

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

I tag!

I only tagged five because I’m a rebel.